Favorite Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is in one week and I just had to share with you some products and companies that are really making me feel the love. It’s not creepy to say that, right? Just don’t read it in Barry White’s voice. Now you probably will ... sorry for that. NOT sorry for these great products... Continue Reading →

A New Year, another outfit

Recently, I was blessed to be able to be featured on Elegantees Blog- We are Elegantees. Words can not describe my love for their mission, their heart and their product! I absolutely love being a part of Elegantees and helping more and people know about them so that they can help more and more women... Continue Reading →

Making your own unpaper towels

Lots of things can be PurposefullyPurchased and I'm really looking forward to introducing you to more amazing businesses and products that are doing more for people and planet --But-- one of the things I've noticed about this journey is that a big portion (if not the biggest portion) of ethical shopping is to utilize what... Continue Reading →

Christmas Shopping with a Conscience

Christmas is coming so I thought I'd put together a completely interactive gift guide for you! EVERY image you see below holds clickable, fair trade, purpose driven or ethically made gift ideas for you this Christmas! Collectively we spend $1 Trillion on gifts for the holiday season, so why not purposefully purchase a gift that... Continue Reading →

We vote with more

We are not voting just today, we vote everyday. I know it may seem like a different concept, but when it comes to ethical shopping we vote for the kind of future we want with our purchasing power, in the things we buy everyday. That can be done by not spending any money at all:... Continue Reading →

Beauti-Fall & Ethically-made

Fall is here and full of so many things that I love... hearty soup, warm drinks and LAYERS! When it’s hot there are only so many things that you can take off before it’s socially unacceptable... but in fall you can pack on as many layers you want till you’re all toasty warm and then... Continue Reading →

Putting the Fair in Fair Trade

The Ravalli County Fair in Hamilton Montana is bustling with the sounds of farm animals, screams of thrilled excitement and the sweet smell of kettle corn in the air... followed by whiffs so terrible they're almost impossible to describe. But still ... what a perfect setting to talk to people about some of my favorite... Continue Reading →

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